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How SIP can Help You Repatriate Loved Ones at A Low Cost

Every Zimbabwean in the diaspora understands the feeling of being homesick. You hold on to old photographs and the nostalgia of what growing up in Zimbabwe was like.

No matter where you are, “there is no place like home” and the same is true when one loses a loved one whilst abroad, more so, when they pass on whilst in the diaspora. Our tradition and desires are to be laid to rest at home, unfortunately when we lose a loved one, the repatriation process from the diaspora poses a huge financial and logistical challenge.

Instead of spending weeks and months trying to repatriate your loved ones, we have a solution that allows you to plan ahead. Our solutions cover the high cost of transportation, sorting out the required documentation and funeral services in Zimbabwe.

Our goal at Nyaradzo Funeral Services is to ease the burden of the repatriation process which can truly become a challenge for the unprepared. The thought of it, without a funeral policy in place is often frustrating and disheartening as there are a lot of requirements from both the country of residence and that of burial before the deceased can be repatriated.

Our solution comes in the form of a funeral policy called the Sahwira International Plan or simply SIP. Nyaradzo Funeral Services offers this plan to Zimbabweans in the diaspora that want to be buried at home.

In addition, relatives in the diaspora, can travel back home to give the dearly departed their last respects. SIP will lighten the burden on the family, facilitating the whole process from repatriation to their final resting place.

The Sahwira International Plan offers a flexible and affordable alternative to the repatriation process which often costs thousands of dollars or pounds when there are no arrangements in place. Whether you are in the diaspora or you have people that you know in the diaspora, you can prepare now for the future.

For more information please email us on: repatriation@nyaradzo.co.zw

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