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Policy Definition

What is the SIP?

It is a funeral policy plan which provides funeral cover to Zimbabweans resident in foreign countries and wish to be repatriated to Zimbabwe for burial in the unfortunate event of them passing on.

The plan provides cover for the principal member, spouse and children below the age of 23. Other dependants and children above the age of 23 are covered at an additional premium.

How Policy Works

What are the entry ages?

Minimum entry age for the principal member is 18 years and the maximum is 70years.

What happens to my policy and dependants if I die?

The surviving spouse can immediately take over the policy with no waiting period.

However, failure to continue to pay premiums when due will result in the policy lapsing.

What is the waiting period?

The policy has a waiting period of three (6) calendar months. Cover is immediate if death is as a result of road traffic accident.

Who is covered under the policy?

Spouse, biological children and legally adopted children of the principal member under the age of 23 and extended family members residing with principal member in a foreign country or at home in Zimbabwe.

Does the SIP policy mature?

The SIP policy does not mature and premiums are paid in perpetuity.

Does the policy lapse? How long is the grace period?

The policy will lapse after three (3) calendar months of non-payment. A grace period of 15 days is allowable.

Can I be buried in my country of residence?

Yes, you can. However, in the event we are unable to provide the services, Nyaradzo will pay a sum assured as reflected in the policy contract.

Can I get a policy if I hold foreign Citizenship?

Only Zimbabwean citizens wishing to be buried in Zimbabwe can take out this policy.

Can I get a policy if I hold foreign Citizenship and Zimbabwe ID?

Yes, one can take the SIP plan.

Is it possible to cover my dependants residing in a different country?

You can only cover dependants in your country of residence and Zimbabwe.

If I relocate what happens to my policy?

For a permanent relocation, you should notify Nyaradzo immediately and if it is a temporary relocation cover is provided for up to six months, thereafter Nyaradzo should be notified of the change and policy converted to reflect the new location.

Are children above the age of 23 going to University covered for free?

Children who are above 23 are not covered for free regardless of them being at university or not. They are treated as other dependants and pay a premium.

Can I cover more than one spouse on my policy?

Yes, Nyaradzo will cover a single spouse under the immediate family and additional spouses will be covered at an additional premium as dependants.

Can I cover my child who is a student in a foreign country and I am resident in Zimbabwe?

Yes you can be a proposer on the policy and premium payments should be made in foreign currency.

Can I cover my relatives in Zimbabwe?

Yes you can cover family members in Zimbabwe subject to there being an insurable interest.


Who receives the cash in the event of death of the policyholder?

In the event of death of the principal member, the benefit is paid to the spouse or an appointed family member.

Are the buses and hearses sufficient to cover all the funerals you do?

Nyaradzo has enough capacity at all branches and always working on increasing our capacity.

Can I choose my own coffin?

Coffins are provided for in Zimbabwe and are as per plan type.

Do you have accommodation in all cities?

Nyaradzo will provide own accommodation where we have the facilities. In places where we don’t have our own, Nyaradzo has partnerships with providers of accommodation.

How many air tickets?

Two return air tickets are provided in each instance for people covered under the policy.

Will you provide chairs, Tents and portable toilets in my country of residence before body is repatriated?

Chairs, Tents and Portable toilets are only provided in Zimbabwe for a maximum of 2 Nights.

How long will you allow us use of your apartment and motor vehicle?

We allow use of these for a maximum of seven days.

Can we hire an extra vehicle and apartment from you?

Yes, both can be hired at market rates subject to availability .

When do I collect the Vehicle?

The vehicle can be delivered to you at the airport or collected from our offices, depending on what it is that is convenient for you.

What happens if I don’t use all or part of my benefits?

You will be paid cash in lieu of service.

Can I choose which airline I want to use?

Air travel will be arranged through our travel agent and will use most efficient and available airline at the time of travel.

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